A Major Innovation in Termite Control

The active ingredient in Altriset® termiticide was formulated based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant, Ryania speciosa. From this, scientists created a breakthrough termiticide that works unlike any other. When a professional applies Altriset, he or she only needs a low dose to control termites and ensure extended residual control.

Altriset protects your home by stopping further damage and fully controlling the termite infestation within three months. Altriset also provides long-lasting protection in surrounding soil to prevent future damage so you can live free from the worry of termites.

In fact, studies show that just one application of Altriset can fully protect your home from termites for years.

Proven Results

Hundreds of laboratory and field studies conducted by independent scientists have proven that Altriset is an exceptional termiticide.

  • These studies show that termites acquire a debilitating dose of Altriset when they tunnel through a treated zone around your home.
  • They also demonstrate that Altriset increases termites' socializing and grooming behavior. This means they spread Altriset to other termite colony members – and each group of exposed termites continues this process, eventually impacting the entire termite colony.

Click below to see videos of termites acting normally compared to termites two hours after they have been exposed to Altriset.

Termites Not Treated with Altriset

Termites Treated with Altriset

Results may vary slightly by location. Your pest management professional can outline specific performance guidelines for your region.

Is Altriset right for your termites and location?

Altriset is labeled to control a variety of termites in common places where termites nest and forage. Altriset can be applied around walls, pillars, piers, chimney bases, crawlspaces, garages, patios and porches to control and protect your property against subterranean termites.

For use by individuals/firms licensed or registered by the state to apply termiticide products.

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