Termite Control

Termite queens generally live 15-to-20 years and are capable of producing swarms consisting of as many as 60,000 termites. For effective control, it is important to work with a pest management professional who has the experience to determine the best treatment that will work quickly and provide extended protection for your home.

Altriset® termiticide delivers efficient termite control by stopping further termite damage within hours after application, and continues working for at least nine years to ensure your home is protected from the threat of termites. Use our zip code finder to locate a pest management professional in your area who offers the protection of Altriset.

Termite Prevention & Treatment Tips

Find out what steps you can take to prevent and treat termite infestations.


Call a Professional

Altriset is used by professionals specifically trained to detect, control and prevent termite damage.


For use by individuals/firms licensed or registered by the state to apply termiticide products.

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